Winter is coming… really

Now that the weather has finally turned, the idea of getting your home ready for winter has a bit more urgency to it. After all, we’ve been known to get big dumps of snow in November before. If you haven’t yet finished up your must-do winter prep, here’s a handy list.

The pool: Have you been putting off closing it? Now’s the time because it’s no fun plunging your hands into icy-cold water to finish off this task. Don’t want to do it yourself? Then try Laughlin Pool Service, 613-832-3893.

The garden: Yes, you can leave your garden beds as they are for winter, and the birds may appreciate it, but some plants benefit from being properly tucked in. Our winters are harsh, particularly with the freeze-thaw cycles, and providing extra care to susceptible perennials, or pruning back dead and diseased branches can go a long way toward success with next year’s growth. If you want to leave some seed-loaded stems for winter foragers, that’s fine, but it’s a good idea to take care of the rest. Need some help? Try Julia Fleming at Gaia’s Gardens, 613-725-4275.


The house: There are some fall maintenance chores that it might be getting late to do, but a few you should still tackle include putting on storm windows, laying berber down on your steps for extra grip, making sure pathways and driveways are clear for easy snow removal, and checking for spots where water and moisture can get in your home – then repairing them. If some of these tasks are beyond your ability, Wally McMillan at Done Right Handyman Services can help. (613-406-9997;

The vacation: Planning to escape the snow at all this winter? If so, it’s important to make sure your home is looked after in your absence, both for peace of mind and to fulfill your insurance obligations. Concierge Home Services (613-523-9441) can do the job for you.

The snow: Looking for a service to clear your laneway for you when it snows? Try Appleseed Snowblowing, which has been around for many years. They’ll give you a free estimate on what their service will cost for the season. But be sure to have your shovels handy for clearing steps and pathways.

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