Why finding the perfect house is like dating!

You found the one, you finally did it. It took lots of searching, a few bad encounters, but you found the one. The one you want to spend your life with. The perfect charming bungalow or the sprawling home in your favourite neighbourhood. But you finally did it, but it took you a bit to get there. 

Finding your perfect home is much like dating. First, you look through a lot of pictures, take that as the online dating profile. Houses can be deceiving sometimes with their pictures so it’s important to set up an appointment and see for yourself. Wide camera angles can make a space seem bigger or maybe the photographer didn’t take a shot of something you’ll absolutely love about the home. Make sure you call your realtor and set up an appointment, even if you don’t know it will work out. You never know ! 

It could be love at first sight, but always make sure you do a thorough background check. Inspect the neighbourhood and visit it during different times in the week. When does it get busy? Visit nearby restaurants, shopping areas, and parks. Is this somewhere where you can see yourself living? If you have young children, are the zoned schools to your liking? Even though it may be love at first sight for the home, make sure that you love the background check just as much! 

Finding the perfect match is nearly impossible, so sometimes there is a little bit of compromise. The same goes for your home! You may have fallen in love with a home, in the perfect neighbourhood with the perfect charming look but it doesn’t have the extra bedroom. Or maybe there are dark kitchen cabinets and you prefer light. That is why, when you are start your search, make sure you make a list of your needs and wants, the things that you could change if need be, and that will help you when you are searching to make easier compromises along the way. 

Lastly, don’t rush. Finding the one can be hard, lots of appointments, lots of searching, bad ones, decent ones, and finally, the one. It takes time and patience but it will come, just don’t rush. In today’s market, finding the one may be a little harder due to the low inventory we are seeing, but there still is that special fish in the sea for everyone. Even if it doesn’t seem like it right now!

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