Top 2021 Designs and Colours

2020 was a year that caught the world by storm and dramatically changed how many of us use our home. We now spend more time in our homes than ever before – partially because for some it has become our home office, and partially because of the quarantine restrictions. Spending such copious amounts of time at home has shifted the way we see home design and this has been reflected in this year’s trends. Here some of the top 2021 designs and colours that you will not want to miss out on!

Pantone’s Colours Of The Year

Normally Pantone releases a single colour of the year. Unusually, perhaps due to their amazing pairing or perhaps because we could all use a little more colour in our homes, they have released two shades as their colours of the year. The first is Illuminating 12-0647 – this is a beautiful yellow that is neither too loud nor too pastel. As expected, it works beautifully with Ultimate Gray 17-5104 which is a pale, concrete colour.


This is a term that will be familiar with those that frequent social media. Cottagecore is an elegant vintage style with British quirks that give a sense of nostalgia and comfort. As we have all had a trying 2020, people are currently gravitating to Cottagecore to feel more relaxed in their own home. Cottagecore comprises a lovely mix of gilded cutlery with ginghams and checks. The muted, pastel palette makes us feel like we are reliving the past rather than suffering from our pandemic restrictions.  

Global Influence

As we are not able to travel at the moment, many are trying to bring tastes of the countries they would like to visit inside their own home. Some people are introducing global influences into their home through rattan, wooden and woven home accessories. Others are incorporating prints of their favourite cities or animals.

House Plants

If we cannot be outdoors, we can bring the outdoors in! For the first time in a long time, indoor plants have made a huge resurgence in interior design trends. Houseplants keep your air fresh in your home as well as provide a sense of purpose and natural beauty. It lends itself very well to both the Cottagecore and global influence interior design trends we are seeing this year. Whether you go for a hanging creeper or a beautiful bloom, you cannot go wrong with house plants!

Home Office As Focal Point

Last year, we made do with what we had, not expecting to work from home. We had no idea if we would be home for two weeks, two months or two years. Now that we have been working from home for almost a year now, it is the perfect time to stop using your dining table as your home office and build a purpose-built space so you can do work you are proud of. You can achieve this by defining the space with a creative piece of artwork to look at or patterned wallpaper. Adding a desk light adds both style and function to improve your focus.  

What do you think of these top design and colour trends for 2021? Do you see yourself implementing these? If you would like to know which trends to best incorporate into your home to stay on trend and maintain your home’s value, please feel free to reach out to us here. We would love to help ensure your home always looks at its best.

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