The Goldilocks of Real Estate

When we think of Goldilocks, we’re not just thinking about bears and porridge. The growing attraction for Ottawa has been increasing due to the Goldilocks effect - it’s not too big or too small. This booming city is just right for Canadians. If you’ve considered moving to Ottawa from Toronto or why to move to Ottawa, these reasons may cement your decision-making process favourably.


Truly a Four Season City


You’re no longer faced with escaping the season but rather embracing the variety of activities you can do, pre or post-pandemic. Ottawa is home to the largest festival of tulips in the Spring, contains hundreds of walking trails, near roughly 900 lakes for summer enjoyment, and has the world’s largest outdoor skating rink (a whole 8km) in the winter. With breathtaking views and walking distance parks, boredom is a word you’ll need to remove from your vocabulary when settling down in this city.


Economic Stability


As Canada’s Capital, Ottawa was rated as the 2nd best place to live (MoneySense, 2018) because of the beautiful neighbourhoods matched with economic stability. With a plethora of government jobs and bilingual opportunities, each community has its unique impression. Ottawa is now home to more than 2,000 tech companies, even the big guys like Apple, Nokia and Amazon. Another big plus - the city has also been celebrated for its low crime rate compared to other large urban areas!


Celebrating Diversity with People and Communities


Ottawa is coveted for its desirable housing market, multicultural communities, and vast opportunities. With an excellent transportation hub, pedestrian walkways, and various neighbourhoods, homeowners can get where they need to and live where they want to. Ottawa has one of the highest percentages of parks to residents in Canada, with most neighbourhoods within walking distance to at least a small park. There are hundreds of scenic bike paths, even some along the river if you like water views as well.


Restaurants and Vibrant Entertainment


With the multicultural vibe in Ottawa, the city offers various amenities and cuisine establishments that cater to any craving. Their culinary reputation and lively neighbourhood atmospheres contribute to the entertainment this city has to offer. Don’t even get us started on Canada Day. This is the must-visit city for Canadians when it comes to national celebrations.  For those looking for a quiet, suburban feel, there are plenty of communities Ottawa has to offer for a family-friendly sentiment. Whether you’re looking to settle down, retire, or have the adventure of a lifetime, Ottawa can provide a perfect solution to fit any lifestyle stage.


If you’ve felt the growing attraction to Ottawa but aren’t sure which community is perfect for you, reach out to me here. I’d love to analyze your current needs and future opportunities to help you find the best fit!

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