Staging Your Home for the Holidays

Selling homes doesn’t stop during the holiday season! If you have got your home up for sale, or are preparing to put your home up for sale, here are some things to consider when it comes to staging your home for the holidays.


Clean And Stage

Before you bring out the holiday decorations, give your home a good cleaning. You may have some extra clutter or knick knacks that might be better off packed away for safekeeping for your new home.


Create A Cozy Atmosphere

There is a common mantra in home staging - “less is more”. This also applies when it comes to staging your home for the holidays. Rather than bring out multiple collections of reindeer and baubles, your aim should be to romance your buyer, and not invite them to your personal holiday party. One way to go about this is to add simple but cozy decorative touches. This can be a decorative bowl of pinecones, a simple evergreen wreath, or even a pod of cider simmering on a hot stove during viewings.


Complement Your Palette

Many people when decorating like to bring out pieces with a lot of sentiment and history. Sometimes, these pieces can feel too personal, but they can also not match your decor. If your home isn’t up for sale, please decorate your home as traditionally or sentimentally as possible. But when staging your home for the holidays, you will want to ensure that your decorations complement your home’s decor palette. Display your menorah on the ledge of a bay window, dangle mistletoe in an arched doorway. But don’t mix colour schemes such as bright colours with neutrals. Keep it safe with neutrals wherever possible.


Warm Up Your Space

There are few things more inviting than a roaring fire. If your home has an electric, gas or real fireplace - ensure that it is on during viewings. When it’s cold and blustery outside, coming into a cozy, warm, and inviting space with a fire will turn up the holiday charm and homebuyer appeal across the board.


Light It Up

In winter it can be difficult to create curb appeal due to all the snow. One way to attract buyers is to put up festive yet tasteful holiday lights. Stringing white lights can highlight architectural features of your home or line a beautiful fir tree in your front yard. Any large, and fun decorations such as light up reindeer or inflatable decorations should stay inside the garage during home viewings. These large decorations can take away from highlighting your home’s best features. This is why it is also important to have a well-lit walkway and door for evening viewings - as most viewings will occur after the sun sets.

I hope these tips will help you feel like you can still enjoy the holiday season while you are preparing to sell your home. I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season, and I look forward to connecting with you in the new year!

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