Real Estate Videos: THE VISUAL IMPACT


By Pierre Bedrossian

(Real Estate Agent: Jonathan Hull) 

Engaged. Impressed. Insightful. These are three words a viewer commonly uses to describe a quality video they just watched. Real estate videos are highly specific projects that can have a huge impact when a home buyer is house hunting online. 

Tracy Arnett Realty’s innovative marketing team strives to create experiences worth talking about for every client and of course, for every agent on the team. 

The Basics. 

Real estate is a visual medium, so photos and videos are vital to having success in today’s competitive market. Although pictures are essential to a realtor’s website, agents find themselves needing to showcase luxurious properties in more prominent ways. This is where real estate videos have seen tremendous growth and value in today’s digital age. 

Tracy knows the importance of visual impact for real estate videos and has raised the bar of digital real estate marketing in Ottawa. Her marketing team and videographer go above and beyond by producing four styles of innovative videos to keep her thousands of clients and social media followers engaged.

1. Lifestyle Videos

When it comes to real estate, it used to be all about price and location. While those two things may still hold true, there is another word that has become just as important and that is LIFESTYLE. 

Tracy understands that lifestyle is a crucial part of the selling process and has started to leverage it with the power of real estate lifestyle videos. 

A lifestyle video stands out as it demonstrates how life could be lived inside the home or condo as well as the neighbourhood. The video needs to tell a compelling story that resonates with its viewers. A successful real estate lifestyle video will create an emotional connection with a buyer, helping them mentally move into a property.

2. Agent Profiles

This is one of our favourite styles of videos to shoot and one that not many other realtors are currently doing. With the power of video, we are able to portray the more human side of all of our agents. 

Some people think that realtors are only interested in helping them buy or sell their homes. That’s why we love showcasing our agents’ unique personalities and what makes them fun to work with. Our priority has always been to build strong, long-lasting connections with all our clients. 

The impact of an agent profile video is priceless as it gives our clients and followers an inside look into our agents’ lives. Whether it be a strong interest in cooking, being a great hockey player, or a love for training puppies, our agents all have passions outside of real estate. 

3. Virtual Tours 

This is one of the most important styles of videos that every real estate brokerage should be doing. When shooting a virtual tour video, it is essential that each property listing tells a story instead of listing the key features and benefits. 

A proper virtual tour video needs to be interactive and allow the prospective buyer to view the home at their own pace and according to what draws their particular interest.

A successful real estate virtual tour video should accomplish two main goals. It should showcase the property for sale, which should in turn help sell it quickly.  It also needs to create a call-to-action to send potential buyers to the real estate agent. 

4. Community Engagement

Being heavily involved in the community and supporting local businesses has always been a primary focus for Tracy Arnett and her team. From her most recent event at the Mayfair Theatre, she was able to raise $1,200 for Habitat for Humanity and collect over 20 boxes for the Ottawa Food Bank.

It’s safe to say that Tracy is a big ambassador in the community. It’s one thing to write or talk about it, but being able to catch the visual impact of her generous gestures speaks volumes. Community engagement videos allow viewers to make a genuine connection with the brand she has built. 


“Real estate videos have been a game changer and has helped elevate our brand to the next level, making us more recognizable in the city” quotes agent Jonathan Hull. 

Digital real estate marketing has evolved tremendously over the years. As over 95% of home buyers start their property search online, it has been critical to spend more time and money on quality videography in order to attract new online users. 

With a strong 20/20 vision in place, Tracy and her team look forward to continuing to produce more engaging and innovative real estate video content for the upcoming year.

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