Electric Cars Are Great and the Government Wants You To Drive Electric, Too!

It seems like lately everyone is talking about electric vehicles. Technology has improved vastly in the last ten years and previously common issues such as batteries, performance issues, long charge time, limited range, and high cost are quickly fading away. We are seeing many automotive giants committing to electric car-only production such as Tesla and Volvo, and most other car manufacturers offer at least one or two electric car models on their lot.


Why Should You Go Electric?

There are dozens of reasons why you should go electric. Here are some of my top reasons:

●     Electric cars cost less than gas vehicles. In every way that counts, an electric car is cheaper than a gas-powered car. You won’t need to buy gas, you won’t need to do oil changes, smog tests, or worry about as many parts breaking or wearing out as with an electric car. Imagine going years without getting your car serviced.

●     Electric cars are better for the environment. Electric cars have zero tailpipe emissions. When there is cleaner air in the world, there is less disease and less stress on our public health systems. We might not be able to stop global warming, but we can significantly slow it down with electric cars.

●      Electric vehicles are performance vehicles. Electric cars have extremely high torque power, which means their pickup is quick and smooth and completely outshines gas-powered vehicles.

●     Electric drivers enjoy preferential treatment. There are certain parking spots that are located near the entrances of stores that are specific to electric drivers. Additionally, electric vehicles are allowed to drive in high occupancy lanes and zoom past everyone else who is stuck in traffic. There are also free public chargers in most shopping malls.


Government Incentives For Electric Cars

Have you been thinking about getting an electric car but you’re worried about how much they cost? Fear not! There are a few incentives available to Ontarians to make sure electric cars are affordable to you.


●     iZEV Incentive Program. This program created by the federal government of Canada qualifies all Canadians with an incentive of up to $5,000 toward the purchase of a fully electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. The link breaks down the list of eligible cars and the amount of incentive for each.

●     Used EV Incentive. Plug’nDrive, in collaboration with Clean Air Partnership and the Ontario Government, has an incentive that can be paired with the above federal incentive. This incentive would qualify Ontarians for $1,000 towards the purchase of a used fully electric vehicle.

●     Scrappage Incentive. Ontarians have an additional $1,000 eligible to them if they choose to recycle their old gas car if they purchase a used electric vehicle.


There is a possibility that you could save $7,000 off the price of your new electric vehicle! With such substantial savings, all I can ask is - which model are you looking at?

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