5 reasons why you SHOULD stage your vacant home to sell it fast!

Staging a vacant home should be at the top of every seller's to-do list to get a top-dollar value. People don't care if a seller spent decades collecting colourful tableware, mugs, or snow globes from across the world. Instead, what they care about is a fresh, thoughtfully furnished house where they can set up their dream setting. This is why staging has become so vital for a quick turnaround.

Here are 5 reasons why you should stage your vacant home to sell it fast, provided by the Room Remedy Home Staging Co.:

1. Vacant homes look smaller and make it harder for buyers to imagine themselves in the space.
A vacant house will look smaller and often leave buyers struggling to imagine the usefulness of the rooms. Staging not only helps homeowners demonstrate the proper space but also highlights the unanticipated value of the property's nooks and niches.

2. A vacant home creates the impression that the seller needs to sell quickly.
A vacant or semi-furnished house can give the impression of a distressed need to sell the house. Buyers are likely to offer less money if they pick up on these cues.

3. Empty homes don't photograph well.
The majority of house hunting these days is done via an online search. Photographs of an empty house are difficult for buyers to interpret. Furniture provides scale and shows the space's intended purpose, and lights make the space look brighter and more welcoming.

4. Imperfections are easier to spot.
Imperfections in your home are easier to spot when there is no furniture present to make them less obvious. When buyers have to mentally map out furniture placement it may draw their attention towards imperfections.

5. Vacant homes can lead to less competitive offers.
When potential buyers can't picture themselves living in the home, they won't be motivated to make a competitive offer.

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