More Smart Ways to Automate Your Home

In the early days of home automation, getting your home set up typically required buying a central hub that your devices could connect to and coordinating everything from there. In some cases, you might have even needed multiple hubs, since not all devices worked on the same network. While automation hubs and alternate networks still exist, these days most automation is done using your home’s Wi-Fi network and digital assistants such as Alexa or Google Assistant.

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Why finding the perfect house is like dating!

You found the one, you finally did it. It took lots of searching, a few bad encounters, but you found the one. The one you want to spend your life with. The perfect charming bungalow or the sprawling home in your favourite neighbourhood. But you finally did it, but it …

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Selling Real Estate Without a REALTOR®

In most aspects of life, there is a professional we can turn to for consultation, advice, and to guide us to the best possible decision for the most successful outcome. 

When selling your home, one of your most valuable assets, it’s important to consult with a professional who can guide …

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You’ve most likely heard in the news that interest rates are skyrocketing, inflation is at an all-time high, and the price of homes is beginning to slow down. This might have you thinking about whether or not it’s the right time to buy your first home.


Whether you are …

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Now that life is starting to come back to ‘normal’ in Ottawa, Orleans, Arnprior, Dunrobin, Kemptville, Smith Falls, and beyond, we have once again started to host open houses for our sellers.


Three weeks into our realtors hosting open houses and we have already sold one listing in Barrhaven …

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Not sure you want to move from your beautiful home in Rideau Gardens but finding the kitchen and bathrooms no longer suit your needs?


You may also think you’ll never move, but then again, the phone could ring with your dream job offer and then you’ll need to get …

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The true value of working with a real estate agent!

 If selling a home were as easy as it looked, everyone would have a FOR SALE BY OWNER sign on the lawn and they would be happily selling their home themselves and not paying commission to a real estate agent.


So what value does working with a real estate …

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Once you’ve decided to sell your home in Ottawa, Dunrobin, Kemptville, Pakenham, Smith Falls, or anywhere else in the Ottawa Valley, it can feel daunting. What are my next steps? How does this all work? How much is this going to cost? Who am I going to trust with one …

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Top tips to prepare your home for showing and a quick sale!

Thinking of selling your home and don't know where to start in the process?

You’re not alone. Many people have a hard time imagining their home in pristine condition - ready for buyers to march through and view their personal space.

At Tracy Arnett Realty, we work with professional stagers …

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The FASTEST way to sell a home!

The fastest way to sell your home in Ottawa is to ensure that you hire a reputable company who

will look after your needs with integrity and honesty.

In today’s sellers market you may think every house that has a FOR SALE sign on their lawn

sells in a nanosecond. …

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To sell fast or not to sell fast, that is the question. Written by Tracy Arnett

Some of our clients ask us why they should try to sell their home quickly. They may think that it’s better to list their home a little higher than market value to see if someone will pay a premium for it.

In today’s fast paced housing market, the buyer is …

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Why multi-generational homes could be the way of the future! Written by Tracy Arnett

The baby boomer generation is aging and are starting to look at downsizing their homes, while their millennial children are now entering the housing market looking for their own dream homes.

With a lack of inventory in the housing market and new construction builds not being built quick enough to …

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5 reasons why you SHOULD stage your vacant home to sell it fast!

Staging a vacant home should be at the top of every seller's to-do list to get a top-dollar value. People don't care if a seller spent decades collecting colourful tableware, mugs, or snow globes from across the world. Instead, what they care about is a fresh, thoughtfully furnished house where …

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5 Drawbacks of NOT staging a vacant property! Written by Room Remedy!

Preparing a home for sale can sometimes feel stressful, with moments of indecision and angst. But home staging is absolutely critical for not only a fast sale but to achieve top dollar. Staging a vacant home, even in a seller’s market, should be at the top of every seller’s to …

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What is Really Happening in the Housing Market and How May It Affect You Down the Road?

As we head into 2022, I believe our focus should be on training tradespeople, granting more building permits, and leaving the elderly and middle class alone. 

What surprises me is no one is talking about the supply issue, the colliding demographics of the baby boomers and millennials all buying and …

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What You Need To Know About Mortgages For 2022

Unless you buy your home entirely with cash, finding the perfect home to move into is only half the battle. The other half of the battle is finding the best type of mortgage for you. As you will be spending a significant portion of your life paying off your mortgage, …

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2022 Design Trends

A new year represents a fresh start, why not also let it be a fresh start to your home’s design? Here are our predictions for 2022 design trends that your home needs to have in order to be the most inviting on the block.


More Vintage Than Ever

If …

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Staging Your Home for the Holidays

Selling homes doesn’t stop during the holiday season! If you have got your home up for sale, or are preparing to put your home up for sale, here are some things to consider when it comes to staging your home for the holidays.


Clean And Stage

Before you bring …

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Alta Vista Neighbourhood Guide

Nestled between Smyth Road to the north, Walkley Road to the east, and the greenspace underneath Haig Drive is Alta Vista - a quiet neighbourhood that gives you serenity while also being minutes away from Rideau Canal and the best of Ottawa living.



Alta Vista has roots that …

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Old Ottawa South Neighbourhood Guide

With its first settlers arriving as early as 1814, Old Ottawa South is one of Ottawa’s most historic and charming neighbourhoods. Old Ottawa South is located between two beautiful waterways: the Rideau River to the east and south, and the Rideau Canal to the north. Here are some of my …

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The Glebe Neighbourhood Guide

Located in south Ottawa between the Rideau Canal, Bronson Avenue and the 417 highway is The Glebe - Ottawa’s trendiest neighbourhood. What makes The Glebe so refined and historic? Keep reading to find out!



The neighbourhood derives its name from a survey taken in 1837 of 178 acres …

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Apple Picking in Ottawa

With the fall equinox formally calling the beginning of fall, apple picking season is officially upon us! If you’ve been thinking about picking your own and making some delicious apple pies, or just eating them in their natural form - these are the places you must go to go apple …

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Canadian Thanksgiving Traditions and Recipes

When the weather starts to drop down a bit and the leaves in our neighbourhoods put on a show, you know it is the beginning of the holiday season. The first holiday of many in the colder months is Thanksgiving, which takes place on October 11th this year. Thanksgiving has …

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Questions To Ask Your Real Estate Agent

Smart consumers do their research before buying a product. They need to make sure it has generally good reviews, it suits their needs and that they are protected if something goes wrong. I urge you to do the same with your real estate agent. I’ve compiled a list of questions …

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Electric Cars Are Great and the Government Wants You To Drive Electric, Too!

It seems like lately everyone is talking about electric vehicles. Technology has improved vastly in the last ten years and previously common issues such as batteries, performance issues, long charge time, limited range, and high cost are quickly fading away. We are seeing many automotive giants committing to electric car-only …

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The Bank of Mom and Dad

It might not be a common topic of conversation, but the Bank of Mom and Dad provides mortgages and financial aid to more people than you think. Sometimes The Bank of Mom and Dad helps with a down payment as a gift, other times they can work with your real …

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Where Can You Do a Fall Staycation Near Ottawa?

With summer in full swing, everyone is itching for a vacation. Though we can’t travel as far as we used to, did you know there are quite a few places near Ottawa where you can enjoy a nice, relaxing staycation? Here are some of my favourite places:


Smiths Falls, …

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Investment Properties and What to Look For

Have you been thinking lately that a residential rental property could be a good boost to your investment portfolio? This can be a very lucrative opportunity, but a first-time investor might miss some land mines that could obliterate your returns. Here are some important things to consider when shopping for …

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Do You Really Need a Real Estate Agent When Homes Are Selling So Fast?

It feels like everywhere you live in Ontario, the housing market is off-the-charts hot. In this skyrocketing season, I’ve heard a few rustlings about whether you need a real estate agent at all if homes are practically selling themselves. Today, I want to share with you some important reasons why …

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The Difference Between a Freehold Home and Condo Purchase

Is a freehold better than a condo purchase? It honestly depends on your lifestyle! There are benefits to both.


You’re in a freehold if you own the land and have complete control over your property, including its maintenance. Some freeholds can have common element fees, but most of the …

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Closing Cost Conundrum: How Much Extra Should You Be Saving?

If you’re saving for a home but are only thinking in terms of the down payment and monthly mortgage fee, we have some crucial information that will save you from making the same mistake Anne did.


Let me tell you a story about a woman who moved from Scotland …

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The Goldilocks of Real Estate

When we think of Goldilocks, we’re not just thinking about bears and porridge. The growing attraction for Ottawa has been increasing due to the Goldilocks effect - it’s not too big or too small. This booming city is just right for Canadians. If you’ve considered moving to Ottawa from Toronto …

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First Time Buyers Federal Programs

Buying your first home will arguably be the largest purchase you will have made in your life thus far. The federal government also understands this and has created multiple programs that can make buying your first home more affordable. Here are some federal programs available to first time buyers and …

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Staging A Home Vs. Selling A Vacant Home

Selling a vacant home sounds ideal – potential homebuyers have an entirely blank canvas to envision their furniture and life. But for some, the canvas is too blank and can become overwhelming. With the expectations set by some of our favourite Netflix shows, buyers figure that every home is presented …

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The Best Home Improvements to Make Before You Sell

Spring is one of the busiest times of the year in the real estate market. Many folks are trying to spruce up their home to ensure they get the highest market value possible when selling. Here are some of the best home improvements to make before you sell.


Kitchen …

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Top 10 Best Neighbourhoods for Future Sellers

Are you looking to move into a neighbourhood that will guarantee you a good return on your investment some day in the future? Then you need to look at up and coming neighbourhoods. This way, you can hop into the market while prices are still competitive, and you can enjoy …

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Top 2021 Designs and Colours

2020 was a year that caught the world by storm and dramatically changed how many of us use our home. We now spend more time in our homes than ever before – partially because for some it has become our home office, and partially because of the quarantine restrictions. Spending …

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Why Hire a Real Estate Agent?

Buyers and sellers are two people who have diametrically opposed interests. One wants to buy a property for as little money as possible, the other wants to sell their property for as much as possible. This can easily lead to conflict and confusion. A real estate agent can be instrumental …

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Kitchens, Baths, and Decks: Top Home Selling Points

When it comes time to sell your home, you obviously want it looking its best so that prospective buyers will fall in love with it. This may lead to you consider touching up or remodeling parts of your home to make the best possible impression. If you’re trying to figure …

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Property Assessment Notice Postponed

Every four years MPAC (Municipal Property Assessment Corporation) conducts a province-wide assessment update to update the assessed value of every property in Ontario. Being a property owner in Ontario, you will receive a ‘Property Assessment Notice’ in the mail in order to update you on the value of your property. …

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Bank Of Canada Continues To Keep Rates Low

Bank of Canada has announced that they have no plan to change their target overnight benchmark rate until the inflation rates go back down to 2%, which they do not believe is likely until 2023. They have made the decision for it to remain at 0.25%. Though, the economy is …

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Tips for Millennials Looking to Buy

Millennials are currently making up just about 30% of Ottawa, this includes those born from 1981 to 1999. In the time of baby boomers buying their first homes, there was a higher percentage of people buying their first homes who were married. Meaning, that first-time home buyers used to go …

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5 Genius Garage Storage Ideas

Intentional or not, your garage often becomes the dumping ground for, well, everything. The problem: There are so many home and garden essentials — tools, lawn equipment, outdoor toys, and so on — that need to find a home, and really, your garage is the most practical place. To make …

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Top 8 Most Popular Interior Colors

For many people, choosing new paint colors for the home is an exciting—yet often daunting—process. Just standing in front of those rows and rows of swatches can be enough to raise your stress level. To make your life a little simpler, here are the top 8 (best sellers) interior paint …

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Top 10 Natural Air Fresheners For Allergy Sufferers

Everyone loves to have their home to smell refreshing, but when you’re suffering from allergy, your choice of air fresheners are often limited. Most commercial air fresheners only contribute to aggravating your condition, as they contain volatile chemical compounds.

You don’t want the citrus-scent of chemical-based perfume to trigger nasal …

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DIY - Raised Bed Gardening

Even though everything has ground to a halt, it’s important to think about things a bit further down the line. This not only helps you to prepare for when things start back up again, but it can also make you a bit more self-sufficient in the future. This is where …

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Golf Vacations

If you’re looking for an excuse to escape Ottawa’s bitter cold this winter and you love the links, here are nine top golf destinations to get you out of the cold.

Think sun, freshly mowed grass, the whack of club on tee and stress-free days as you forget about the …

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Why Ottawa Homeowners Should Test For Radon

Why you should be aware of radon in your home

Radon is an invisible, colourless and odourless gas that releases into the air during the normal breakdown of uranium in rocks and soil. Outside, radon dissipates enough that we don’t need to worry about it. But due to Canada’s geology …

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Winterlude 2020 Highlights Near You

It’s back! The much-loved Winterlude festival celebrating all things winter returns over three weekends starting Jan. 31 to Family Day on Feb. 17. There’s ice skating and sculptures, live music and cultural performances, and snow activities for the whole family to enjoy.

There are a few locations around the city …

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5 Captivating Cross-Country Spots Around Ottawa

Living in Ottawa means living through winter, which can be a beautiful season if you’re ready to embrace it. One of the easiest ways to do so is through winter activities like cross-country skiing. Heading out on the many snow-covered trails and pathways with which Ottawa is blessed, you’ll be …

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By Pierre Bedrossian 

(Real Estate Agent Jake Prescott and his kids) 

Worried? Anxious? Stressed? Time-Crunched? Overwhelmed? These are all natural feelings that a millennial goes through when it comes time to purchase their first home. It can be a long and daunting process that always leaves one wondering “Where …

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The 7 Best Christmas Light Displays in Ottawa

The Christmas season is in full swing here in Ottawa and nothing shows that more than the stunning light displays throughout the city. Why not take in the magic of the lights by checking out one — or more! — of these fabulous displays? Here are 7 to enjoy.

Downtown …

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Real Estate Videos: THE VISUAL IMPACT


By Pierre Bedrossian

(Real Estate Agent: Jonathan Hull) 

Engaged. Impressed. Insightful. These are three words a viewer commonly uses to describe a quality video they just watched. Real estate videos are highly specific projects that can have a huge impact when a home buyer is house hunting online. 

Tracy …

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9 Hot Tips To Survive The Cold in Ottawa

With winter’s early arrival — even though we’ve had a slight reprieve — we can sometimes forget the importance of preparing our homes for the cold and snowy weather. Here are 9 top tips to help get you and your home ready for the season.

Preparing you!

  1. Sharpen your skates: …

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Home Odors? Ditch the Artificial Air Fresheners ⚠

It seems like a good idea at the time: your home is up for sale so why not help it put on its best face by spritzing it up with a few squirts from a can of air freshener. Or better yet, use a wall plug-in version so that the …

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Observing Remembrance Day in Ottawa

Remembrance Day in the Capital City

Lest We Forget is a phrase we often hear on Remembrance Day. We say it so that we won’t lose sight of the sacrifices of those who came before us, who gave their lives so that we could live in freedom. On Nov. 11, …

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6 Fall Must Do's Around Ottawa

Things to do this fall in Ottawa before the weather turns to winter 

It’s clear that fall is well underway! Although thankfully we haven’t seen the huge snow dumps experienced recently in Calgary and Winnipeg. 

We know “uncooperative” weather is just around the corner, so, with that in mind, we …

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Fall colours around the Capital City

Fall colours around the Capital City

We’re heading into the prime time to catch autumn leaves in Ottawa at their best, so take advantage and capture some of the fall colours.

Leaves change colour in fall because the shorter days cause the chlorophyll in the leaves — the pigment that makes leaves …

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Local Thanksgiving food options

Local Thanksgiving food options

If you’re planning to go out or to order in, earlier is definitely better to give you time to get your booking in before everything is snapped up!

A dinner out or one ordered in for Thanksgiving can be a wonderful option for time-squeezed families who …

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Sunday is Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day - September 8 -

Although it may not be a formal holiday, Grandparents Day is a time to remember and recognize those very special people in our lives.

Celebrated on the second Sunday in September (Sept. 8 this year), the point of Grandparents Day is not so much to …

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5 Things To Do Around Ottawa Before Summer Ends

Summer's last gasp in the Capital City! 

Before you know it, fall routines will take over our lives again and the lazy, hazy days of summer will be long gone. For some, that fall routine starts as early as next week when the French board begins its fall semester.

So, before …

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5 Swimming Spots Around Ottawa

Summertime means Swimming time !

After the hot summer we’ve been having – with more in store, according to forecasters – finding a great place for a swim seems like the perfect way to cool off and enjoy what’s left of the warm weather.

Sure, there are the usual suspects, …

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10 Breathtaking Campsites Within 150km Of Ottawa

Summer's short, go camping !

One of the most quintessential summer activities is to go camping. Being at one with nature, roughing it, spending quality time with your family — what could be better? Camping is a great way to detox from the city and disconnect.


Rideau River Provincial …

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20+ Fun Summer Fairs Around Ottawa 🎈

It’s summer fair season!

We all have our favourite country fair, but did you know there are more than 25 of them between now and October?

And that’s a lot of country fun you can have with the whole family!

🚩 Here’s a snapshot at the Summer & Fall fairs …

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5 Summer Must Do's In The Capital City

Summer's here!!

School’s out, the trees have finished leafing out, robins are onto their second nests and we keep getting hints and teases of gorgeous weather.

Since our summers are so short to begin with, it’s a good idea for us to make the most of what we get and …

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Winter is coming… really

Now that the weather has finally turned, the idea of getting your home ready for winter has a bit more urgency to it. After all, we’ve been known to get big dumps of snow in November before. If you haven’t yet finished up your must-do winter prep, here’s a handy …

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Choosing a Tree

Fresh greens are not only good for your body; they’re good for your home. In fact, there’s nothing like the smell of fresh pine or cedar filling your home at Christmas. The aroma sets your senses to remembering tradition and past celebrations and welcoming the one that’s yet to come. …

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Free in Winter

By the time February rolls around, we’ve hit the so-called dead of winter and may very well be in need of a pick-me-up to get us through until spring. Even better: fun things to do that won’t cost you.

Well, we’re just in time for Ottawa’s biggest winter party – …

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The buzz on bees: A hobby with sweet rewards

Fall is a special time in our family. That’s because fall is honey harvest time.

For those who don’t know, my husband, Stuart, is a hobby beekeeper and has been for half a dozen years. He was “stung” with the bee bug, so to speak, after being introduced to it …

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Setting the perfect table

Next to the joy of seeing your children open their gifts on Christmas morning, probably the most anticipated event is your holiday meal. Golden brown turkey, a glistening ham, a perfect roast or succulent salmon – whatever your go-to is to celebrate the season, be sure to give it a …

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The frigid cold snap we experienced over Christmas and New Year’s was Mother Nature’s way of reminding us that we most definitely live in a winter city. But that doesn’t mean we have to hibernate. Quite the opposite, in fact. If we’re going to live this far north, we might …

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10 Ottawa Homes With A Private Pool Oasis

Spring is right around the corner 🌤 

Thinking that winter is too long? We thought you would say that!  

Here is our list of the top 10 homes for sale with patio & pool oasis. Get ready to spend your time soaking up the sun. You could own one of these home …

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10 events you won’t want to miss this Winterlude

Get ready for Winterlude!

After the cold snap we just endured, having a fun way to celebrate winter is coming just in time. Marking its 41st year, Ottawa’s iconic Winterlude festival is right around the corner. Beginning Friday, Feb. 1 and running weekends until Family Day on Feb. 18, there …

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